Full Blue Moon March 31st

Meditation is probably a good idea for this Blue Full Moon in Libra. It can be a challenging one, but as we all know, challenges provide opportunities for growth. If you are feeling a little off, know you are not alone, and there are some tips to help you stay balanced and grounded below.

Let’s look at some of the aspects at play:

  • Libra represents balance – a good reminder to take everything in stride
  • Mercury retrograde to many means chaos, but I feel like it’s an opportunity to examine our communication and ways of expression
  • Mercury is squaring Saturn and opposing to the moon, which can internally muddle things – so it’s very important to be clear with ourselves first
  • Mercury is also square to Mars, which can increase aggression and make us rash – again take time to nurture yourself first to stay balanced if you feel off kilter
  • Mars is conjunct to Saturn, another sign of aggression, and square to the Moon suggesting deep fears coming to the surface. Where are these fears rooted? Fears are future oriented therefore not real, so get to the heart of the matter and visualize yourself changing future outcomes for the positive
  • Saturn and the moon are square, which signifies being alone, loneliness and lack of connection. Again, take time to connect with yourself, so you can more deeply connect with others when you are ready
  • The stars Vindemiatrix and Porrima in Virgo (detail oriented and often emotionally closed-off) are related to fears of loss. Again, if this is a fear or yours, notice where it is rooted and release this

The Full Moon is all about opposition and seeing what is out of alignment in order to bring everything back into harmony. So yes, this is a rather intense Full Moon, but also offers great opportunity for growth. What all this says to me is, take time to go inwards. Make sure you slow down to connect to yourself before making any big moves or agreements – I would actually be inclined not to make any for the next week. If situations feel anything less than in total harmony, take time to be with yourself, reassess, and come back to the situation next week.


Full Moon Meditation & Ritual

Here’s a beautiful meditation and ritual to get grounded and heart-centered, offering a little peace and guidance during this…ahem…time of growth.

I always like to begin with a bath, epsom salts and pure essential oils. This month (and many days) I like to use Harmony for total balance. This blend contains rose, bergamot, chamomile, jasmine, rosewood, sage lavender, spruce, hyssop, geranium, angelica, frankincense, sandalwood, lavender and more. You can also use a pure rose oil for the heart chakra. I bring my crystals and my protection necklace of pearl & hematite in for a cleanse too. If you like you can listen to this Heart Chakra Meditation by a beautiful couple from WhiteRock, who offer incredible healing work. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aK68Dxw57d4).

When you are ready to settle into your meditation after your bath, dab a drop or two of Northern Black Spruce (produced in BC on Young Living’s farm) or another oil you like for grounding, on your feet or in a diffuser. You are welcome to smudge if you like too. As my lovely friend Natalie Miles mentioned in one of her recent posts, it’s the energy you put into the clearing when you smudge that makes the difference. Connect to the energies or guides you feel most aligned with.

  • Begin by taking five deep inhales through your nose & exhaling through your mouth
  • Bring your awareness to your root chakra, visualizing roots or a golden cord reaching into the Earth, really feeling this connection as you breath
  • As you inhale, imagine breathing in pure white light, retaining your breath as you bring this light down to the root chakra, exhale to release
  • Continue with this breath as you work up through each chakra – your sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, pineal & crown
  • Continue breathing with this warm, cleansing white light, bringing it through your whole body, allowing it to radiate out around your body into your aura (the energetic body surround you)
  • You may sit here as long as you wish

When you are ready to come out of your meditation, note down in your journal any insights you had. This is a wonderful practice every time you meditate, especially if you are newer to this practice, as you will see your intuition develop. The insight you received is all you need to move forward. If it’s not clear now, it will be. Allow yourself to simply be, and know with the breath you can come back to this place of peace at any time.


Fullmoon Circle for April

Friday, April 27th from 7-830pm two lovely ladies and friends will be hosting a Full Moon Circle. Danna Calli is a Psychic Medium and Monica Quieroz is a transpersonal counsellor. We hope you can join us!

If you have any questions about meditation or essential oils, please email me! katie@yoganorthvancouver.com


10 Reasons to Practice Yoga & Meditation

Many think yoga is about touching your toes. It could be, but we believe it is much more! To us, yoga is about connecting to yourself, finding peace of mind, and learning tools to support greater alignment in your physical body, emotionally, and to your purpose. Why? To help you live a happy, healthy life.

Through yoga, movement, breath and meditation we connect to our physical and emotional bodies.


Here are 10 Reasons To Practice Yoga & Mediation:

  1. Yoga provides an avenue to build greater strength, core & muscle memory for better posture
  2. By strengthening the fine muscles we gain greater power for our large muscles & prevent injury!
  3. Endurance based strength building (Power/ Vinyasa yoga) encourages us to be conscious of our alignment
  4. Placing aligned pressure on our bones, helps build fresh cells & strengthen joints to prevent osteoporosis & alleviate pain from some types of arthritis
  5. Yoga is an effective way to re-hab the core (after birth), the lower back (a common concern I see) & more!
  6. By connecting to our breath (which we can do whenever, wherever), we let go of our mind and find peace
  7. Yin style helps release muscles and fascia, which store muscle memory, also providing emotional release
  8. Through breath and movement we find freedom within, allowing us to access mental clarity & objectivity
  9. Breath and movement also give us energy! I recommend taking a break every hour to move and breath
  10. Stronger intuition is also developed through meditation and breath, knowing how to connect to yourself

These are just a few of the reasons yoga and meditation are beneficial for anyone of any age or  circumstance, even if you experience chronic pain – if fact if you do, yoga and meditation often greatly help! 


My Favorite Types of Yoga

I used to be a hard core power style yogi, barely being able to stay in Savasna (resting at the end) – this was during a hard time when I was younger and I really should have been meditating but I became disconnected. As you grow on your yoga and meditation journey, and even each day, the style of yoga you seek will differ. For the past 10, these have become my favorite styles of yoga, as they help me feel most aligned and at peace:

Yin, as I mentioned encourages the release of muscle and fascia. By holding gentle poses on the mat and focusing on our breath, we allow for a physical and emotional release. Muscles store memory. Think about how your body natural defends itself if your were to fall or you sense a threat – muscles contract, often in bizarre ways of holding yourself, and the breath becomes short and shallow. We go into fight or flight. Life can be stressful with crazy pressures externally and those we create for ourselves, which means unfortunately most of us are in this state on a daily basis. Consuming stimulants also doesn’t help. Yin offers a chance to let this all go. By holding gentle stretch poses, we teach our bodies that we can relax and let go, which often also releases the memories in the muscle areas targeted of why they are cramped or storing tension. Truly a beautiful practice. This is very similar to the idea of Craniosacral Therapy – gentle, non-invasive touch allows us to feel safe, and our body knows exactly how to heal itself physically and emotionally! It’s really quite amazing.

Kundalini is a beautiful way to naturally learn to calm the body and mind, or conversely create an alert yet calm state for clearer, more intuitive thinking. Kundalini works with the breath (pranayam), mantra, movement, and the nervous system. If you are looking for a way to dig deeper into your meditation, Kundalini is a wonderful practice to help you access this sense of alignment and connection.

Vinyasa or Flow is all about moving with our breath, or rather letting our breath move us. Keeping a steady inhale and exhale flow, we learn to let our body be guided. By allowing ourselves to simply focus on the breath, we allow our minds to release, which encourages a meditative state and clearer minds. And it’s a great physical work-out!

Each of these forms of yoga encourage us to connect more deeply with our breath, to release our minds and allow us to become more aligned with our true purpose and nature – which in turn brings us greater peace and joy! As we continue to practice, being able to connect to our true selves becomes second nature. This means it’s easier for us to release stress (and learn to protect ourselves if we tend to take on that of others), and connect to ourselves more intuitively to make better decisions which will make us happier and healthier.


A Simple Meditation for Greater Peace

You can do this anywhere and only need 2 minutes. Close your eyes and begin to feel into your feet (if standing) or hips (if sitting). Begin a slow, long inhale for 4 seconds, retail for 4 seconds, exhale for 6 seconds, hold out for 2 seconds. Repeat for as long as you wish. We can get much deeper from here, but this is a wonderful, accessible practice.

If you have any questions about which style of yoga is best for you, please send me an email: katie@yoganorthvancouver.com

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Spring Yoga + Meditation

Spring is about new beginnings, freshness, a gentle approach. For many it also seems to be about hayfever! So let’s work on some poses to ease breath and warm up the body.


Supporting an Easy Breath

Begin by laying down on your back, placing your hands on your stomach and feeling the breath move you. This may seem simple, but let the breath guide you, rather than you guide the breath. As you ease into the breath, bring the soles of your feet together and your arms above your head, creating a full butterfly – this helps open the chest. If you would like to place a bolster the length of your spine for further opening, you can. This is very helpful for those with asthma. Continue breathing for five to ten minutes.

If you have pure peppermint or eucalyptus oils, dab a bit on your chest & tap your thymus. With a drop in your hands, rub your palms together and inhale and exhale 5 times with your hands near your face. If you have questions about essential oils, you are welcome to email Katie. 


Warming up the Body

  • Reverse Prayer – Slowly coming to a seated pose, inhale sweeping your arms up and exhale taking hold of your elbows behind your back, or coming into reverse prayer – another wonderful pose to support full breath
  • Cat Cow – Coming to your hands and knees, inhale into cow and exhale rounding your spine into cat
  • Pigeon – Sweeping your right leg out behind you, bring your knee into your chest, and your calf onto the mat so it’s somewhat parallel to the top of your mat. Allow yourself to melt and hold. Come back to table and repeat on the other side.
  • Modified Sun Salutation – Find your down dog, holding and breathing engaging your shoulder blades for support. Slowly walk your feet to your hands to hang out in forward fold. Engaging your core, slowly inhale and wind up to standing, fingers reaching to the sky. Repeat a few times.

This is a wonderful way to start your day! Not sure how to do these poses? email Katie or check out our Instagram


More Yoga

For more yoga in a peaceful, welcoming space, see our Spring Series beginning the week of March 24th. Drop-In is also available.

  • Kundalini – Sundays 900-1030am
  • Yoga for Bikers – Mondays 630-745pm
  • Meditation + Pranayama – Mondays 800-830pm
  • Prenatal Yoga – Tuesdays 600-715pm
  • Pilates – Tuesdays 730-830pm
  • Bellydance – Thursdays 600-730pm
  • Yin for the Senses – Thursdays 800-900pm
  • Hatha – Fridays 1000-1100am
  • Alignment for all levels – Saturdays 1100-1200pm


Private and Kids Yoga are also available. Please email Katie@yoganorthvancouver.com.

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Spring Yoga

Spring Yoga



Love & light, 


New Moon Meditation for March 2018

New Moon Meditation

New Moon Meditation

Breathe in, hold, exhale…and repeat. Time to create a little bit of space for ourselves, to nurture and reflect in a soothing meditation. Pisces is the completion of the astrological cycle, a presence of balance and flow. Being a water sign, it’s highly intuitive and sensitive. This is a perfect time to reflect internally on your growth since March 2017.

The red square with Mars signifies competition and disturbance, however; it’s blue trine to Uranus presents balance – just a touch of fire to the normally passive Pisces. Chiron is the wounded healer. The green semi-sextile to Uranus symbolizes taking an objective perspective. Take the time to reflect on where you are at internally, not worrying about what is happening around you.

  • What have you learned?
  • What have you healed?
  • What have you created?

The Persian culture could not have timed New Years more perfectly with the celebration of Spring and growth. Here are some beautiful ways to celebrate the completion of a year, and welcome the new year:

  • Have a soothing bath with sea salts and grounding and uplifting essential oils, such as; sandalwood, lavender, cedarwood, black spruce, copaiba & frankincense
  • If you have stones you carry with you or need clearing, bring them into the bath
  • Relax to the tone of 741Hz to help clear your electro-magnetic field
  • Find your special space, clear with sage or palo santo, and melt into a supported fish to open your heart for pranayama (breathwork)


New Moon Meditation

Begin your meditation with with a deep inhale and exhale through the mouth. Repeat three to five more times. When you are ready, inhale to the count of six, hold for six, exhale for four, hold out for two, repeat for ten minutes minimum. Allow your mind to wander, coming back to the breath and back to your heart centre. Visualize your heart glowing as a bright white light, allowing this light to spread through your body and radiate out, bringing greater peace to your energetic body. As you slowly come to, reflect on the points above and where you wish to grow and go in this coming year.

Beginning Monday March 25th, we will be hosting Meditation + Pranayama from 800-830pm. This class is open to all levels to help deepen your practice for greater peace + joy.


Love and light,