April FullMoon in Scorpio

I like this Fullmoon in Scorpio… and I don’t think it’s just because I am a Scorpio, but I love diving deep intuitively looking at what’s below the surface. Scorpio also represents transformation – a beautiful time of growth when we can learn to surrender to it and really take to heart the lessons we need to grow. Transformation may come in the form of death and re-birth, dramatic change, which has been a strong theme this past month. We are quickly clearing out what is no longer needed to make room to shine!

What do we do with this new void? Fill it with your dreams, love, and light! Trust in yourself, trust in others, trust you are fully supported and capable. Scorpio is also an adaptive sign – but this requires the ability to surrender and trust. Remember, your thoughts and emotions create your reality – you have total power over your destiny.

Let’s look at some other aspects at play:

  • Venus’ position places an emphasis on our close relationships. Take time to nurture yourself and your relationships.
  • Saturn’s aspect demonstrates commitment & capability to achieve.  
  • Leo shines on leadership and our ability to step out, and out of our own way. If you feel ego taking over, take a look at where this is coming from, what weaknesses do you need to heal?
  • Lastly, this turning point in the eclipse cycle brings us back to January 31st’s Blood Blue Moon. How have you let your feminine strengths shine, your ability to trust your intuition, and lead with compassion? These strengths are what has brought you to this point. Continue to nurture this through your forms of mediation and connection, whether they be art, traditional meditation, or other forms of self-care.

Full Moon Meditation

For this meditation, I would bring out grounding and upper chakra stones and oils, such as; obsidian, quartz, amazonite, Copaiba (or another grounding oil) and Rose, Jasmine, Valor or Harmony. Enjoy a soothing bath perhaps listening to this solfeggio tone.

When you are ready, getting comfortable in your meditation space, take a few deep inhales through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Perhaps move through some Cat/Cow with your breath to help open up the spine, nervous and chakra systems. Let’s begin with Nadi Shodana – balancing breath:

  • With your right hand, begin by covering your left nostril and inhale through the right.
  • Cover your right nostril and exhale through the left, then inhale through the left.
  • Again cover your left nostril, exhale through the right, then inhale through the right.
  • Continue this pattern of breath for 5-10 minutes.

When you are finished relax, with a steady, flowing breath allowing your intuition to guide you.


Join Us!

Friday April 27th we are hosting a Fullmoon Crystal Bowl Meditation with channelled messages. All are welcome. Please register here as space is limited. $20

For more meditation & pranayama (mindfulness & breathwork), you are welcome to join our Meditation & Pranayama Series beginning April 30th, or our Yin Series every Thursday. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me: Katie@yoganorthvancouver.com

Love & light,



My Top Essential Oil Picks Under $25

I love essential oils for their healing properties, diverse uses, beautiful scents, and because I can make my own natural products! I make house and studio cleaning products, cook with it, and make my own beauty products, including; totally natural parfume – that so many love and request, my own toner, and make-up remover. Best part? I know exactly what’s in it, and I know it’s all good for me! You can also make your own totally natural products and it’s cost-effective! Below are my top essential oil picks under $25 and ways you can use them.


My Essential Oil Picks Under $25 (Cdn):

  • Spearmint – energizing, helps headaches, coughs & colds – use in mouthwash, massage oil & in the bath
  • Eucalyptus – helps with muscle & joint pain, coughs & colds – use in massage oil, lotion & in the bath
  • Tangerine or Orange – calming and uplifting – use in cooking & hot-chocolate!
  • Nutmeg – calming and soothing for joints & muscles – you can use in cooking & massage oils
  • Pine – calming, great for joints, muscles & colds – perfect for cleaning, lotions or diffusing for a cold
  • Lime – great for acne & easing arthritis – use in lotions & tonics for drinking, cleaning or toner!
  • Lemon – helps reduce water bloat & good for colds – use in tea, cooking, cleaning & facial toner
  • Lemongrass – eases joint & muscle pain, digestion & uplifting – great for cooking & beauty products
  • Ginger – digestion, colds, joint & muscle pain – another goodie for cooking, diffusing or in lotions
  • Clove – colds, energy, joint & muscle pain – a fave for cooking, diffusing and in lotions
  • Cedarwood – so soothing & helps the respiratory system – great to diffuse and use in lotions
  • Wintergreen – calming, great for joints, muscles & colds – perfect for cleaning, lotions or diffusing for a cold
  • Rosemary – skin irritation, colds, joints & muscles – great for cooking, diffusing, in lotions or toner
  • Grapefruit – uplifting and calms the skin – perfect for toner and cooking
  • Fennel – great for skin, digestion & colds – another wonderful one for cooking, tea, diffusing & toner
  • Cypress – refreshing & grounding – this is a beautiful one to diffuse or use in lotions

There are more too, but these are some great ones to get started with. Lavender ($30), Geranium ($57) & Copaiba ($55) are also essentials for me, for their soothing properties. Below are some of my recipes using the oils above … and I will share more on our blog!


My Essential Oil Recipes

It’s really limitless what you can make, and I’m not even touching food, dressings, desserts and drinks! Below are some of the recipes I use for home and studio:  


  • Massage Oil for Easing Muscle & Joint Pain (including Headaches)


To soothe tired muscles I like Panaway or you can create a combination of spearmint, eucalyptus, pine, wintergreen, nutmeg or clove. For grounding I like cypress, cedarwood, lavender and copaiba. You can create a combination of any of the above too! Blend about 10 drops of your choice of essential oils with 1cup of coconut oil, jojoba, avocado, almond or another high quality oil.

  • Cold Remedy

This blend works wonders! Mix a little Theives, or lemon, clove & ginger in hot water or tea with Manuka (or another high grade) honey

  • Cough Remedy

Have a bath or diffuse either Respiratory Care, spearmint, eucalyptus, pine, cedarwood or wintergreen. You can also create a blend with another base oil (avocado, coconut, castor oil etc) to rub on your chest. This may also help to relieve stuffiness from air-borne allergies and hayfever.

  • All-purpose Cleaner

I use this for my home, office and studio yoga mats – a blend of Theives or Purification, or pine, clove, lemon & orange.


  • Beauty Products


Stay tuned for a future blog on easy beauty products you can make, like make-up remover, toner, parfume & lotions! I have featured a few of these on Instagram – visit @inspiredlivingandbeauty to see!

Essential Oil Starter Kit

For those of you interested in exploring essential oils you can use daily, I would recommend the Young Living Starter Kit below as it is incredible value. Two of my favorites, Lavender and Copaiba are also included! I would also recommend getting the RefGuide4EO app, so you have a guide as to how to use and apply different oils based on your needs. This Starter Kit includes all the basic oils you will need to replace some of your medicine cabinet, create natural cleaning products, and oils for beauty and personal enjoyment. Each Kit includes a 5ml version of each of the following oils, a Dew Drop diffuser, product guide, and more:

  • Lavender – soothing for the skin and nervous system, helping with sleep and great for kids!
  • Lemon – can be used as a tonic, toner, helps reduce water retention, and tastes awesome in recipes!
  • Copaiba – similar properties to THC and incredibly soothing for the nervous system and skin
  • Peppermint – energizing, helps headaches, coughs and colds
  • R.C. – respiratory care, you’re natural vicks vapo-rub
  • Panaway – replaces tylenol! Best head-ache cure
  • Purification – a powerful anit-bacterial blend for cleaning
  • Di-Gize – an amazing blend to calm digestion concerns
  • Thieves – a perfect blend of oils for cough & cold and cleaning! It got its name as those who used this blend of oils (clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus & rosemary) during the Black Plague didn’t get sick and looted the rest – sad but it works. It’s also delicious in hot-chocolate!
  • Frankincense – one of the most expensive oils that helps the skin (wrinkles & tone), the nervous system, infection and much more!
  • Northern Lights Black Spruce – from Young Living’s Farm right here in BC!

You can purchase this Starter Kit or any essential oils through this link – please make sure to sign up for Wholesale to get 24% off of retail. If you have any questions, please contact Katie@yoganorthvancouver.com


April New Moon Meditation

This New Moon in Aries is a breath of fresh air! The new moon with the alignment between the sun and moon allows for greater intuitive alignment, meaning mediation can be very powerful.

A Peek at the Aspects at Play

  • Aries is a fire symbol ruled by Mars – outgoing, active, stubborn & likes to pioneer but not always great at completion
  • This Aries New Moon falls into Pisces & Taurus – an interesting combo of intuition, emotion, grounded, interested in a life pleasing to the senses & stubborn
  • Uranus in this New Moon signifies an open-mind ready for change, slightly unconventional, but alignment and ease towards goals
  • Venus conjuncts Jupiter also representing easy flow towards goals and passion
  • Venus trine to Pluto is pure passion!
  • Jupiter’s sextile with Pluto indicates success with positive change
  • Mars’ sextile with Neptune alludes to sensitivity and purpose with passion
  • The Al Pherg star is fixed and determined
  • The Kurdah fixed star means authority and sense of reality
  • Mercury is also coming direct indicating forward progress and ease of communication

All in all this is a time of easy progress towards our goals, if we take time to listen to our body and intuition. There is a beautiful balance between intuition, compassion, passion, and ability to make things happen. As this is a time of passion, it’s wise to take time to slow down to meditate, rather than being headstrong. Nurture yourself to allow your passion to flourish! Engage your senses to appreciate and stay in the moment. Buy yourself flowers and enjoy your essential oils.


New Moon Meditation

Take a nice luxurious bath for yourself with epsom salts and essential oils. My choice this New Moon are for the upper intuitive and heart-centred chakras – rose & jasmine, to be balanced with earthy copaiba.

This is a gentle Third Eye and Heart Chakra tune to help you melt into your meditative state.

For our meditation, let’s take a moment to close our eyes and get grounded, inhaling to a full belly, allowing our rib cage and upper chest to expand. Exhaling allowing our chest then belly to relax. Continue with this breath, beginning to bring your awareness to your Root Chakra, feeling your connection with the Earth with your hips or feet on the Earth. If you like, imagining white light from your Root Chakra traveling down into the Earth. As you continue breathing, moving up the Sacral Chakra, seeing it glow with white light simultaneously with your Root. Continue with every chakra – Solar Plexus, Heart (front and back), Throat, Third Eye & Crown – until all are glowing a bright, warm, white light. Simply continuing with your steady easy breath as long as you like.

When you are finished with your meditation, note down any insights that came to you. Anything relating to your future goals? Anything you personally need to do for your wellbeing?


Full Moon Circle April 27th

Join Danna Calli, Psychic Medium & Monica Quieroz, Transpersonal Counsellor for a beautiful Friday evening of meditation, channelled messages and more! This Full Pink Moon will be in Scorpio and represents an intense time of intricate change. Please register as space is limited.


Meditation & Pranayama Series Begins April 30th

Join us for a series of mindfulness and breath-work techniques you can practice anywhere for greater peace & joy. This series is open to all levels.

April New Moon in Aries

Simple Calming Meditation You Can Practice Anywhere


Movement, or yoga, and meditation are simple and essential tools to keeping ourselves balanced and healthy. In addition, these practices can aid in self-healing. The sooner we learn these techniques, the easier it is to feel happy and calm, even in challenging moments. If you have children in your life, showing them some of these basic tools can make a world of difference. Children are naturally very open and receptive to meditation and breathwork. They intuitively know these tools work.

As adults, unfortunately many of us have learned to seek alternative ways to try to find peace and happiness, however they never work – alcohol, unhealthy use of prescription and other drug, excessive exercise, burying yourself in work, emotional eating, constantly needing to be stimulated by sound, sights (TV/ computers) or people. When we have grown up in a society where these other ‘coping mechanisms’ are common place and if we haven’t been taught meditation, it’s easy to gravitate to these…although we all know they don’t actually work. 

I was fortunate enough to learn meditation and breath-work as a child, I seemed to have had a lapse and turned to eating disorders and burying myself in work, school & volunteering during my teens and early twenties. I had completely forgotten about these tools my Mam had taught me as a child. It wasn’t until I broke my ankle running, that I realized what I had done and how I was isolating and hurting myself. It was shortly after this (it took time to slow down and realize I couldn’t keep doing everything) that meditation became a regular part of my life and some very interesting experiences guided me to search deeper. It’s for this reason, that sharing these tools with children, teens, and adults has become part of my life mission. And so, let’s explore some very accessible tools anyone can practice.

This Technique You Can Practice Anywhere

When you are learning, it’s easiest to find a quiet space you won’t be disturbed. Make this your safe, special space to unwind. All you need to do is this:

  • Close your eyes
  • Feel your feet or hips on the floor
  • Inhale allowing your stomach, then rib cage to expand
  • Exhale allowing your ribs, then stomach to relax
  • Continue with this easy, flowing breath, allowing it to lengthen as feels comfortable. It should not be forced.
  • Once this becomes simple, you can imagine breathing white light into your Crown Chakra (top of head) as you inhale. As you exhale allowing this white light to float down through your body, and into the Earth.

This breath is to help ground and calm.

Techniques for Children

You can practice the same breath above with children. Sometimes laying down is easier for little ones. If they are laying down, encourage them to feel every point of their body from their toes to their head melting towards the Earth. If they like, allow them to choose a calming colour to breath in. Perfect for a restful sleep.

Simple Daily Practice

The key to ensuring this simple technique works when you really need it, is practicing every day. Find a time of day where you won’t be disturbed. I like to practice meditation and pranayama every morning with my energy work, as it sets me up for the day. By practicing during calm times, you teach your body when you begin breathing to calm and release. Then during more challenging times it becomes very easy to get to this calm place, and should you need to, return to situations with an objective, clearer, calmer perspective.

Keep an eye on our blog – we’ll explore self-healing techniques and look at the science behind it!

If you are looking for a class to help you with this practice, I would recommend one of the following:

Beginners are more than welcome!

Love & light,