June Full Moon Meditation

This feels like quite a refreshing Full Moon to me! Through this meditation, I hope you gain a little clarity to help you move forward and shine!

The Full Moon (June 28th) is always a time of polarity, encouraging us to take a closer look at where we can find more balance in our personal lives, our careers, and our relationships. The Full Moon also reflects back to the previous New Moon, and this Full Moon back to January.

  • What has changed for you since the last New Moon? January?
  • Any major lessons or insight gleaned?
  • What’s been your greatest personal accomplishment?

This Full Moon in Capricorn is symbolized by the mountain goat – grounded, balanced, and driven. These will be important qualities to embody during this Saturn retrograde (until Sept 6). Saturn retrograde brings focus on our Karma – an opportunity to release the past, overcome weaknesses, and continue walking our soul truth and path.  I have noticed a common theme of transformation during this time. When we are able to face these challenges, often linked to Karma, with truth and grace they are so much easier to move through. 

The Moon conjunct Saturn brings a focus onto more serious emotions and a need to go inward to reflect. Mars retrograde also presents itself, helping us to be more patient and slow down to further reflect – perfect for the summer! Mars retrograde can make aspects of the Full Moon more intense, so staying grounded is important. The Moon trine’s Uranus, signaling intuition and excitement. Kaus Borealis is a fixed star, shining on initiative, idealism, humanitarianism, resources, and strength.

The combination of these aspects is a perfect time to slow-down, reflect, and move forward to allow more light into our lives! We have the skills, we have the strength, we have our intuition.

  • Observe your self-talk, your thoughts, and words over the next few days. Are they compassionate and clear? To yourself? To others?
  • Is there a challenge in your life that seems to repeat itself? Take a closer look at this. Where is it stemming from? Chances are it’s a Karmic lesson to learn & once you have, you will be that much stronger!
  • What is a personal challenge, perhaps related to Karma, you would like to overcome?
  • What is your personal, spiritual, relationship, or career goal for the next six months?
  • How will overcoming the challenge above help you achieve this goal?


Full Moon Meditation

This meditation will be a little more intuitive for you. As always, I like to start with a bath with my crystals and oils to help calm the nervous system and clean the crystals. Bring in the crystals you use for grounding, intuition, and strength. Use the oils you feel help you calm and stay grounded.

My crystals: Obsidian, smokey quartz, amethyst, crystal and rose quartz.

My oils of choice: Copaiba and Harmony. Copaiba is harvested from tree sap in Brazil, with similar properties to CBD. Harmony is a beautiful blend of oils for each chakra.


When you are ready to come back to your special meditation space, bring your journal with you and clear your space with sage and intention, or pure intention. A lovely mantra to protect your space is ‘Sa, Ta, Na, Ma’ – creating a square space around you of protection. ‘Sa’ is the birth. ‘Ta’ is life. ‘Na’ is transformation. ‘Ma’ is rebirth. Check out our Insta post today for the full mantra with mudra.

Begin by circling your neck slowly and gently and take a few Cat/Cows, allowing your breath to move your body.

Settling back into a comfortable seat, begin by inhaling deeply into the belly & chest, exhaling completely from the chest & belly through your mouth. Repeat 5 more times. Come to a steady, easy or Ujjayi breath, inhaling & exhaling through the nose. Allow your body to relax and bring your awareness to your hips and lower body on your mat or cushion. Begin to feel the ground below you. Connect to your Root Chakra, and visualize your roots or a golden cord reaching deep into the Earth. This is your spiritual connection to keep you grounded. Maintain your easy breath as you feel this connection growing deeper. As you inhale, you can imagine drawing in a warm, white light from your Crown chakra all the way down to your Root, and letting this light travel into the Earth. This light helps to clean and balance your chakras. As you continue breathing, imagine this light radiating through and beyond your body, creating a protective layer around you or positive energy. You are welcome to do this for as long as you like.

When you are finished, create a mantra for yourself. It can be very simple. Perhaps something you heard. A quality you would like to embody – ex: I am light, I am love, I am peace. Repeat this mantra to yourself before bed, when you wake up in the morning, and during the day when you take a moment to check in with your breath and posture.


I am really looking forward to the healing power of this Full Moon. I feel it is quite transformational if we allow ourselves to walk the highest path and focus on the best outcome.

Surround yourself with love and light,


Mindful Movement for Postpartum Recovery


After having my son 2 years ago, I can say in full honesty that at times I felt like a stranger in own body. Fifteen years of yoga and years of competitive athletics had produced strength and flexibility, but the capacity for my mind to adapt and train my body back into shape was such a challenge. My lack of mental connection to my pelvic floor and abdominal wall made me unaware that my organs were literally out of alignment and my pelvic floor had suffered nerve damage.  As a yoga teacher this baffled me. How did I not attune to this?!?!?! I could’t connect to my own physical form and needed an outsider, in this case a pelvic floor physiotherapists to tell me I needed rehabilitation.

My rehabilitation took me on a journey from regular physiotherapy appointments, to visiting an osteopath (highly recommend that!), to seeing a naturopath, and finally to what I believe has been the most beneficial – Pilates.  It has taken me 2 years and I can finally say I am starting to recognize myself again.

I became so enthused about how my postpartum body was responding to the Pilates mat exercises that I became a mat certified pilates teacher in order to share the practice with other moms who were experiencing similar postpartum issues. These issues are so common, yet rarely talked about. I find that when we come together to practice, we find commonality in our birth and postpartum journeys, which ultimately leads to connection and a community of support. This community of support is empowering, motivational, and quite simply a good time!


3 Favorite Poses for Postpartum Healing:

Here are my three favourite exercises for postpartum healing;

  1. Bridge

Step 1: Lie on your back with your knees bent and the soles of your feet on the ground about hip distance apart. Place a block between your thighs (not knees). You should be able to touch your heels with your finger tips. Spine is in neutral.

Step 2:  Inhale to prepare and exhale to peel your tailbone followed by the vertebra one at a time off your mat until you reach the top of the shoulder blades.

Step 3: inhale to hold the bridge

Step 4: exhale to continue to hold and think of knitting your ribs together as you engage the glutes and try to lengthen the front of your hips.

Step 5: inhale to slowly lower vertebra by vertebra back onto the mat.

Repeat 5 times


  1. Clam Shell

Step 1: Lie down on your side with thighs stacked and knees bent with thighs close to your chest at a 45-degree angle. Draw your navel in and scoop it towards your hard to stabilize your core and lengthen your spine.

Step 2: lift your top thigh while keeping your inner heels connected. Open and close with control 10 to 15 times. Be mindful to keep your trunk and pelvis still with only the thigh bone lifting up/down.


  1. Toe taps

Step 1: lye on your back with knees bent and the soles of your feet on the floor. Draw your pubic bone towards your bellybutton to imprint your spine into the mat.

Step 2:  One at a time bring your shins to parallel (a table top positions). Keep spine imprinted and upper ribs hugging together, navel drawing in and up. Take an inhale to prepare and on an exhale tap your right toes onto the earth, inhale bring the shin back to table top. On the exhale tap the left toes onto the earth, and inhale return the shin to parallel. Repeat 10 times each side.

Remember to avoid arching your back and keep pelvis and trunk table. First work on stability through mindful movement. Better to stay stable and integrated than to move quickly!  

Join Clara for Pilates starting Wed June 27th, or Prenatal Yoga-Pilates Fusion starting Sat July 7th!

If you have any questions, please send me an email: Katie@yoganorthvancouver.com

June Super New Moon Meditation

This is a very beautiful freeing new moon! I hope you enjoy this deep diving meditation to bring more clarity to your life and your purpose.

This is the first of 3 Supermoons completing the cycle on August 11th. Supermoons are closer to the Earth, so appear larger, and due to their magnetic pulls, impacts to water, they can impact us emotionally. We may be more sensitive than normal and needing to be alone a bit more. This is a perfect time to dive deeply into our meditations, ourselves, and ensure we are building a life of alignment.

Gemini is an air sign known to be detail-oriented, adaptable, creative, speaking it’s truth, and very much about soaking up the experience of life – all of it. Having two sides, Gemini is known for being changeable, sometimes moody or unpredictable, and able to see things from varying perspectives. They are very much about communication and creation of the not-so-ordinary.

This New Moon in Gemini has 8 fixed stars, signaling protection, fortune, and karmic past.

Moon’s sextile of Ceres shines on an urgent need to nurture and protect…hopefully without smoothering!



Let’s work with the Sacral and Throat chakras for this meditation. The Sacral chakra is connected to our values, beliefs, creativity & sense of self. Our Throat chakra is one of our main forms of expressing this sense of self.

As always, I like to begin by prepping my meditation space, so I can sink right in after my soothing bath. You don’t need to sage or use palo santo every time, only when you feel you need to clear energies, but take the time to make your space special for you.  

  • Healing stones to bring in with you; sapphire, citrine, moonstone, lapis lazulis, aquamarine, pearls, blue lace agate, azurite, malachite – one or a combination of your choice.
  • Essential Oils to use;  Lemon, Rose, Lavender, Sandalwood, or a combination of.
  •  Healing Tones

Once you are ready to come into your meditation space, I would recommend beginning this session with a few cat/cows, connecting to your breath, allowing the breath to move you as you awaken your body and open your spine and energy centres (chakras).

When you are ready, settle into a comfortable seat, and let’s begin with a nice deep inhale through the nose, into the belly, and allowing the chest to expand. Hold for 2 seconds. Exhale audibly and slowly, allowing your chest then stomach to relax. Bring your awareness to your hips on the floor and ground your energy, deepening your connection to the Earth. Continue this breath for 3-5 minutes before settling into an easy Ujjayi/Ocean breath, inhaling and exhaling through the nose. You can continue here for as long as you like (suggested 10 minutes minimum).

Once you are ready, gently open your eyes, allowing yourself to come to. If you’d like, take out your journal and answer the following questions:

  • What are the three most important qualities in your life?
  • What’s your life story in 5 sentences?
  • How do you express your creative self?
  • How would you describe yourself?
  • How would a loved one describe you?
  • How do you use your voice? What is your general tone?
  • When you speak to yourself, describe the tone: Is it supportive? Critical? Realistic? Fanciful? Anything else?
  • Do you see any connection to how you speak to yourself, and your life story? Are they aligned? Are they serving your highest and best, your purpose, your potential?

Notice any areas you feel you could strengthen to take you to a higher level, or bring you more peace. So often we subconsciously have stories running in our background that aren’t allowing us to be our best. But first, we need to recognize them, then let them go with love. This helps us move past Karma that may be holding us back.

A common theme that has come up in this past week has been about setting boundaries. This is very much related to our Sacral & Throat chakras. Boundaries are about self-respect. If we don’t respect ourselves and command this respect from others, how do we expect to be treated with respect? We teach others how to treat us. I know, because this has been something I have only gotten comfortable with in the last few years. It was a major lesson for me, and when I learned it and embodied it – WOW! For caring souls, it’s particularly easy to put ourselves in the background, but that doesn’t actually help anyone, as we end up feeling worn out and un-supported and can’t be the person we desire to be.


It’s time to step forward into our creative power, to let ourselves shine!


*To purchase your own pure essential oils visit our link at the bottom of our homepage

5 Easy Tips For Greater Peace through Meditation & More!

Our sense of peace and easy is impacted by many things externally and internally.

  • The quality and quantity of sleep you’ve had
  • If you’re getting all the nutrients you need
  • The amount of exercise you’re getting
  • Your surroundings – people, sounds, setting physically & energetically
  • The amount of work or pressure we face both internally & externally
  • Quality of our relationships
  • How we feel about ourselves

While external influences can definitely make a difference, the greatest way to control these influences is taking care of ourselves. This includes nurturing ourselves (sleep, nutrition, exercise) and quality of our relationships, which affect our endocrine system and hormonal balance, which in turn regulate our bodies. It also includes how we feel about ourselves, and this is the easiest way to allow for more peace and joy in our lives.


Here are 5 simple ways to allow for more peace and joy in our lives:

1.Paying attention to your thoughts and self-talk

Often we tune out our thoughts and self-talk, particularly when life is busy, but this is actually one of the best ways to monitor how we are feeling about ourselves and situations. Do you talk to yourself with love? The same love you show others? How do you approach challenging situations? Ever notice that when you approach a challenge with peace and expecting (realistically) a positive outcome, it turns out ok?


2.  Meditation

Because we so often don’t take the time to tune into ourselves, meditation (mindfulness) and breath-work (pranayama) is so important. You don’t need to do anything fancy, just sitting and breathing into your belly for a count of 4-8 seconds, exhaling for 5-10 seconds.

I suggest to clients taking at least 5-10 minutes in the morning, and 5-10 before bed. Not only does this create a healthy and calming routine for yourself, but it gives you that chance to check in to your frame of mind and thoughts. In the morning this is helpful to set you up for a great day, no matter what it brings! In the evening, this is a great way to release the day so you can have a restful sleep. Sometimes having a journal to note down thoughts before or after meditations is also useful.

If you can, try to also check in with yourself and your breath every hour. You can set a (soothing) alarm at work, or when you go to the loo. Watch the difference over the course of a week – you’ll be amazed!


3. Energetically protect yourself

This is another step I take in my meditations – morning, evening & throughout the day. There are many ways to do this:

  • You can ground yourself by imagining a golden cord extending from your Root chakra into the Earth
  • You can imagine connecting your Root chakra to a Lotus about 3’ below you
  • You can imagine white light glowing in your body (starting with the spine – the chakra points), then slowly radiating out to create a protective white layer around you
  • You can imagine yourself in a crystal of any colour where only positive energy can come in
  • You can create a mantra for yourself – 3 positive ‘I am’ statements (ex: I am love. I am light. I am one)
  • You can ask for a spirit, angel, guide or someone who has passed for protection

Like meditation, this is personal. You can try a few and see what you connect best with. When you do find what works best for you, try incorporating it daily or whenever you meditate. When you are faced with a challenge, it becomes easier to reconnect to yourself in a peaceful, loving way.


4. Create clear boundaries

This is a very practical one, but it can still be hard for many of us. Those who respect you will respect your boundaries. Be clear and compassionate with your words, and don’t be afraid to ask for what you need – 10 minutes for yourself, more from a job, help around the house… We all have needs, and when they are respected, we have healthy relationships and are able to approach situations from a place of strength. This is a very important step for your peace of mind.


5. Nurture yourself

And the most practical – take care of you! Love yourself like you love your loved ones! Try to make sure you’re getting the quality sleep, exercise, and nutrition you need. Everyday, yes everyday, do something daily that makes you feel good! This can be that 5-10 minute meditation twice a day.


Resources for Children & Teens:

If you’re looking for more resources for yourself or others, Ranbir from @FreeWithin offers an Adult and Children’s program you can download here:

Ranbir Puar will be hosting a by-donation session on Sat, June 9th for 12 years plus providing tools to deal with exam stress. Please register here.

Our Inspired Leaders (8-11yrs) and Kids Yoga & Arts (5-7yrs) Summer Camps also offer a wonderful opportunity for children to learn some of these tools for greater confidence, focus and peace in their lives… and of course we have lots of fun exploring these themes through yoga, art, games, and more!

Resources for Adults: 

Most of our classes focus on meditation, mindfulness and breathwork. Meditation & Pranayama on Mondays or Yin with Crystal Bowl on Thursdays are great classes to dive into energy work you can do for yourself.