January Full Moon Insight + Meditation

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This Super Blood Wolf Moon in Leo is an exciting one to start the new year! In addition, it’s a full Lunar Eclipse, helping us to reset our emotions – so meditation really is a key here. This Full Moon is about opportunity leading to growth. There is a balance here between staying grounded in your values and being open to going with the flow, to allow the right opportunities to come to you. While Leo enjoys the admiration of the spotlight, this also shows all our sides opening up a fear of criticism. It’s important to focus on having the courage and trusting that we can only do our best. There will always be critics and there will be those who appreciate what we are doing – act with pure intentions and trust your intuition. Have patience and trust.


Decan 1 of Leo is about our ancestors, reverence, and family loyalty. This will be tested, particularly when it comes to inheritance, be it tangible or intangible. Jealousy and fear seem to rear their head. Try to step away from this ego ruled time and see it for what it is – what’s at the root? Don’t get involved but rather focus on the value of family.


Other astrological events impacting the Full Moon:

  • Moon square Uranus may make us a little impulsive or on edge. Find grounding activities like meditation, yoga and walking in nature.  
  • Mercury square Uranus is about spontaneous changes. Go with flow but stay grounded.
  • Sun sextile Ceres is all about generosity & innocence. Let your heart guide you.
  • Moon trine Ceres brings awareness to family & freedom. Have a sense of humour & that child-like innocence if things are a little jumbled at the moment.
  • Pi Puppis star is Arabic ‘much promise’, bringing good things if we focus our minds and hearts in healthy places
  • Argo constellation is connected to a strong mind & spirit but associated with drowning. Try to keep life simple and focus on priorities. Other things can and will wait.
  • Altair is fixed in Aquarius. It’s Jupiter’s swooping eagle, highlighting honour & confidence


This is a wonderful first Full Moon for 2019! The key here is to stay focused on our true soul desires and to stay grounded. In our meditation, we will focus on connecting with our third eye and our guides or ancestors.


The other morning I had an absolutely beautiful meditation with my Pop who recently passed, and some interesting words that came through for family. Our ancestors and those close to us, will always be… we just need to take the time to be quiet, go within, and choose to listen with pure hearts.


Before we get into this meditation, please take the time to clear your space, cleanse any crystals or other sacred objects you wish to bring in. I would recommend moving through any energy in your body, through a little flow listening to your own body’s needs. When you are ready, take a moment to close your eyes and cleanse your mind with 10 deep inhales through the nose and exhales through the mouth. Let go of any tensions, any emotions, any thoughts. Begin to connect with your roots, grounding your energy. When you are ready, bring your awareness to your third eye and continue with a steady Ujjayi breath. Welcome Your Higher Self, Guides, or Angels to your meditation. Take a moment to allow them in and to deeply connect – you will know when you feel connected either through sensation or knowing. If you have a specific question or thought, please ask and then continue to stay open and connected with your breath. Sometimes information comes quickly, other times it will come later in the day or week. Pay attention to your dreams and any synchronicities you notice, including number patterns. When you are ready, make sure to thank Your Higher Self, Guides or Angels. Try to stay connected this week and take time to continue to check back in. All we need to do is centre ourselves and quiet our minds, and we can access our intuition and higher powers. It’s such an amazing gift we all poses, but a gift that needs to be practiced. Give yourself the gift of taking the time to do this every morning – even if it’s just breathing for 5 minutes in silence.


For more opportunities to learn about this connection and to give yourself the space to connect, join us for a yoga class or one of our special workshops. 2018 was a year of karmic cleansing, and yes we continue to do this, but it was a big year of clearing. 2019 is a pivotal year in moving forward and will be much smoother.

Do You Often See Repeating Numbers?

Meditation North Vancouver

Tesla Thoughts on Energy


Perhaps numbers or other synchronicities you can’t help but notice, continue to appear in your life. There will likely be periods where you see a few for a while, then numbers will change. It’s quite interesting when you become tuned into these subtleties and messages, which often becomes more apparent the more you meditate and develop your intuitive or psychic awareness. You may begin to notice all sorts of synchronicities and patterns in your daily and dream lives, including the effects of the moon. While I know numerology is connected to a pseudo-religion most of us aren’t a fan of, there’s no harm in seeing patterns in your life and taking an objective look to see if they have any meaning or significance for you. It’s said that our universe is built upon numbers, each carrying their own vibration. Did you know our Birthdays and names also carry numeral significance? For a little fun and to see how much it resonates with you, read on! 


The Significance of Repeating Numbers: 

  • 000 – Is all about connection and unity.  When this number continues to show up it’s a sign you are aligned with your higher self and the infinite. It’s also a sign of new beginnings.
  • 111 – Signifies a spiritual presence is with you. Take a moment to tune in to yourself and observe what’s happening within and around you. 1 is also a symbol of leadership and clarity.
  • 222 – Represents creativity and new beginnings. Every moment is yours to create. It’s also a sign of harmony and partnership.
  • 333 – Symbolizes ascended masters are with you. Be encouraged knowing you are protected and can make difficult decisions and speak your soul truth.  3 also symbolizes communication.
  • 444 – You are awakening to your path and in full harmony with universe. Trust in this and that you can reach your goals! 4 is all about truth.
  • 555 – Is connected to freedom, exploration, and change. If you see this number, trust you are on right path and keep moving forward.
  • 666 – This signifies it would be wise to examine your current situation. Are you in true alignment, or can changes be made for greater alignment? 6 is a symbol of nurturing.
  • 777 – Symbolizes synchronicity with the universe, increasing intuitive awareness, and a thirst for knowledge and sharing knowledge.
  • 888 – Represents equality and an abundant mindset – you are in flow with the universe and ready to receive. This is an especially powerful number.
  • 999 – Signifies the ending of a cycle and transition for further growth. A very humanitarian aspect for change.
  • 1234 – Is considered a ‘full circle’ number, as they total 1.  


Finding Your Birth Path:

To find your Birth Path, add the year, the month, and the day.

For example: Nov 1, 1984 = 1+9+8+4=22= 4 +11 + 1 = 1+ 6 = 7

Here’s a great link to read more on what your Birth Path means: https://astrostyle.com/numerology/