Thank you for all your support!

Thank you for all your support in helping to create such a beautiful oasis for all ages. Due to recent events the studio has had to close permanently. Our oasis will be missed, but we look forward to continuing classes with you at The Yoga Root (also online) and our other offerings as below. For more details, please select the program of interest to you below.

In 2002, Katie recognized the need for a space for movement, wellness, creativity, families, and spiritual exploration. Fourteen years later, this oasis for yoga in North Vancouver was born.  During meditations, Katie kept seeing a space surrounded by trees, at the base of a mountain with a river running behind. After a few years of searching, Katie found the current location.

Why Studio 202?

202 was originally the address for the first location. The numbers 2 represent creativity and 0 unity or community. Creativity and unity help bring us back to our heart, our soul, our inner child  – the true purpose of yoga – and so the name stuck!

What Types of Yoga do We Offer?

Yoga is a life-long journey, asking us to remove layers so we can return to the purity of our true-being or Oneness. With the support of healthy community, we are able to do so and find greater peace, joy and love.

How do We do This Through Yoga?

There are 8 Limbs of Yoga, including; practices of self-awareness, many types of asanas (or poses), several types of meditation, and breathwork, in order to help us achieve a state of Bliss (or Samadhi). As you journey, different types of yoga will speak to you at different times, enhancing where you currently are. Yoga is a gentle practice, honouring the mind, body and soul. It is a personal journey, encouraging re-connection within and with others.

Our goal is to inspire and support your well-being, wherever that may take you. Beginners, all levels and ages are welcome – Welcome home to your oasis for Yoga in North Vancouver. For our current yoga classes, please visit our Schedule.

“A place to feel very welcomed and nurtured. Katie is so warm, caring, and genuine and she truly cares about everyone’s well-being. Each yoga class I take with her feels like I’m getting a one on one class with her.  Bellydancing with Dinah is also fun and a great workout!”        ~ Charmagne

“A beautiful and tranquil space. A great place for yoga, mediations and other workshops. Check it out!”           ~ Natalie

Young Living Essential Oils

We use Young Living essential oils in our classes (and daily life), as they are the purest oils available, exceeding organic standards. Young Living owns their own farms to ensure 'seed to seal' quality. As they are free of fillers, you can use for them for health + wellness, cleaning, and cooking! Want to learn more? email Katie below with your wellness goals (or your top 2 health concerns), or you can simply purchase your own oil(s) clicking the link below.



1761 Capilano Road
North Vancouver, BC

(just behind Woodlove Furniture)