Simple Tools to Ease Insomnia & Anxiety

Everyone experiences insomnia or anxiety at some point, at least. So here are some things I find helpful:

  1. Go for a walk in nature – rain or shine – moving helps get the blood & breath flowing, while allowing us to connect with nature
  2. Take a good look at your diet – what stimulants can you move away from? Sugar too!!
  3. ‘Screen Time’ – how much time do you spend with screens? make sure you end it at least an hour before bed
  4. Solo time – do you give yourself this gift? I know for some being alone without any stimulation can be …uncomfortable, but it’s good to connect with ourselves! This is the beauty of meditation. It gives us clarity, objectivity, and a better sense of ourselves…which only enriches our lives and relationships
  5. ‘Three hugs a day, that’s a minimum’ – Charlotte Diamond was right! Really hug someone (or your puppy), it’s good for both of you!
  6. Get oily – using high quality lavender oil (Young Living is my choice as it’s food grade) & rub it into your palms to breath in, or sprinkle droplets into your bath
  7. Precious stones – find some obsidian, quartz, hematite to place on your chest (I make necklaces from them so when I feel anxious from myself or picking up others, I put one on). You can also hold in your hand as you meditate. Wash in cold water after.
  8. My top breath (pranayam) choices for relaxation to ease into meditation – minimum 5 min each:
    • Belly Breath – deep inhales & exhales, drawing the breath to your belly to relax
    • Ujjayi – it sounds like the ocean with steady inhale & exhale flow through the nose. You can do this with yoga, moving with the breath
    • Diamond – inhale, retain, exhale, hold out each for the count of 3 building up to 5
    • Nadi Shodhana – balancing the right & left hemispheres as we only breathe through one nostril at a time. Inhale left nostril, exhale right, inhale right, exhale left, continue
    • Bee Breath – inhale deeply and exhale while you humm. You will feel this vibration in your upper body (chakras), connecting & relaxing you – much like the crystal bowl!
    • Sitali – curling your tongue like a straw, inhale, draw your tongue in & exhale through the nose (it’s a cooling breath and helps infants with fevers when they lay on their parents chest)
    • Chandra Bedha – inhale left nostril, hold both close retaining breath, exhale right & continue
  9. Energy Work on Yourself : ) Follow us on Instagram or search #meditationminute to learn ways to ground & protect your energetic body, breath tips, and more! Once you have the grounding, visualize white light entering through your crown chakra, reaching down into your roots, and radiating out through your body.

If you have any questions, please email me 🙂

Why Do I Do Yoga?

Yoga is not about touching my toes…I am not flexible in many ways, but toes I can do! Many tell me they can’t do yoga because they aren’t flexible…but what if you could become flexible? What if, more importantly, you learn other things while you practice? More important things, like; breathing, where your passion lies, how to connect to, respect and love yourself?

To me yoga is about Alignment, Breath & Core (my ABC’s):

Alignment is about alignment with our true self, our purpose and values, then comes the alignment in the body for safety reasons in our practice.

Breath is pretty self-explanatory. If we don’t breath, we aren’t doing much! Breath should lead our lives and practice. It is through the breath that we can let go of our mind, and take an objective view. Our breath can show us our emotions – if we are anxious or at peace…it says so much!

Core, similarly to alignment, is our core purpose and values. Are we being true to ourselves? Secondly, it is about those muscles deep in our pelvis, supporting our body. Without a strong core, our posture and movement of our limbs are weak. With poor posture we slouch, can create physical pain, and are not open to the world. Think about someone who is slouched walking down the street. Do they look approachable and happy? Or perhaps down and not confident. Be proud, engage that core for your emotional and physical sake!

This is what yoga is to me: Connecting with ourselves, so we can connect with and support those around us.