How Breath Helps us Focus, Calm & Have More Energy!

I realized again the other day that many of us, including myself, learn somewhere along the line to short-cut our breath. In dance (so as to not show our stomach) and singing we are often told to take little chest breaths, just raising our chest when we breath. The problem is many of us learn this as children and it becomes our new way of breathing. When we breath in this way, we aren’t getting all the oxygen we need – leading to light-headedness, digestive issues, inability to think clearly, struggle with exercise, anxiety, poor cell renewal, increased difficulty if asthma is an issue & more. This means many of us need to retrain our breath and the muscles involved.

Focusing on a simple belly-breath (like a balloon), allowing the ribs & belly to expand, every morning for at least five minutes is a great way to re-learn how to breath effectively. I like to enforce it with other activities, such as; meditation, yoga, running, and swimming. Imagine your stomach is a balloon, and drawing the breath all the way down. Allowing your rib-cage to expand outwards with your stomach. It may be tricky at first, but keep trying and practicing and you will notice a world of difference!

This is just another reason being exposed to yoga and breath-work as a child can be incredible! Imagine learning to breath correctly from the get-go!

If you have questions, I am happy to help or join me in a class:

Community One Year Party!

I can’t believe we’ve been officially open for one year already (we didn’t actually start until Sept 2016)! Such an amazing year, and definitely an inspiring journey! The community is definitely what has made this space what it is – learning and growing with each other, through yoga, meditation, dance, art, and many deep discussions. I have met some of the most incredible people, and feel so blessed to work with others who have complimentary values: supporting inspired growth in the community through various modalities. This has been such a rewarding year, and I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey, and I look forward to even more growth for us all in the years to come!

Keep breathing in that white light and letting yourself shine!