August Full Moon Insight + Meditation

Time to celebrate this Full Moon on August 26/27 in Pisces with a very intuitive meditation. We made it through powerful eclipses this summer, and are now ready to enjoy all the bliss of our transformations! While a Full Moon can often feel unbalanced due to the polarity of the energy, this one is beautifully aligned and balanced.

Let’s look at the major aspects at play:

  • Pisces is all about intuition and connecting to your emotional self. Listen closely & allow yourself the time to do so, everyday. Take a moment every few hours to connect to your breath.
  • Grand Trine
    • Sun trine to Saturn is about achieving our long-term vision and connecting to wisdom
    • Sun trine Uranus points to intuition and confidence
    • Saturn trine Uranus enables easy transition for greater flow and creative potential
  • Minor Trine
    • Moon sextile Saturn encourages us to be protective of those closest to us
    • Moon sextile Uranus is about the excitement that follows when we connect to our intuition
  • Fixed Stars
    • Sadalmelik first noted in the Persian culture is referred to as “Luck of the Kings” and at this time alludes to power of manifestation
    • Fomalhault is one of four Persian Royal Stars and symbolizes the Angel Gabriel helping us connect to the spiritual world and our intuition
  • Planets in Retrograde are focused on creating more alignment & ease in our lives
    • Saturn in Capricorn until Sept 6 – a time of positive karmic change if we stay aligned with our ethics
    • Pluto in Capricorn until Sept 29 – all about clearing the unnecessary for greater flow & ease
    • Neptune in Pisces until Nov 25 – stay grounded, realistic & objective


Full Moon Meditation

This beautifully aligned Full Moon is a perfect time to reflect on our growth over the past two months. What did you learn? How has your life changed? Surrendering may have been challenging at times, but did you notice that when you did everything seemed to flow more easily? What do you wish to create for the months moving forward?

Let’s tap into our intuition by really listening to what it is you need right now. Time in nature? A moonlit walk? A little self-love?

Oils and crystals for this meditation could include Frankincense, Lavender, Rose, Selenite, Amethyst, Black Obsidian and Clear & Rose Quartz. As you get into your meditation space, set intention, smudge if you like, and perhaps turn on this tune.

Let’s begin with Nadi Shodana – Balancing Breath. Covering the left nostril, inhale through the right. Cover the right, exhale left, then deep inhale. Cover the left, exhale right, inhale and continue. Allow your belly then chest to fill on the inhale, your shoulders, chest and belly to relax on the exhale. This breath slows our energy, improves focus, and with the belly breath tells our body we are in a relaxed state to bring us into a greater relaxed state primed for meditation. Continue your breath for 5 minutes, returning to an easy inhale and exhale through the nose bringing your focus to your Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Stay in meditation as long as you need.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is one of the most recommended forms of exercise during pregnancy, as it’s low impact yet gently builds strength for labour. Prenatal yoga focuses on specific exercises to help build strength and ease tension in the body, allowing for a more comfortable pregnancy. Yoga also helps you more deeply connect with your own body, building greater trust in your abilities, and connecting with your little one. What I love about Kundalini, and Khalsa Way Prenatal Kundalini in particular, is the focus on connecting to the nervous system to support the body inside out.


In 2012 I took my Khalsa Way certification with Gurmukh and Akal from Golden Bridge Yoga. On Gurmukh’s soul journey, she trained with Yogi Bhajan, who asked her to create such a program after training with midwives.This was an incredible experience and helped deepen my love for Kundalini. While meditation has been a part of my life since I was a child, I feel Kundalini helps me connect even more deeply, allowing my intuition to flow.


Kundalini yoga is based on the idea that the feminine energy lies at the base of our spine, our Root Chakra. After grounding, we begin to awaken this intuitive, healing energy through movements, sound, breath, and working with the nervous system. Through this practice, our mind, body and soul is primed for deep meditation. Kundalini is a blend of three forms of yoga:

  • Bhakti – devotion and chanting
  • Raja – meditation and self control
  • Shakti – expressing energy through movement


Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga offers simple adaptations of Kundalini exercises to build strength and stamina for the mind, body & soul. These exercises are perfect for those who are beginners or those with injuries, whether you are pregnant or not. This practice is also recommended for those planning to conceive. Movements work with the lower body to gently ease lower body tension and built up energy. ‘Keep-up’ exercises focus on building upper body strength and overcoming the chatter of the mind with the practice of breathwork or pranayama, adapted for the health of mother and child. This class encourages you to connect to your intuition, to connect to your body, and to connect to your baby. All classes challenge strength, balance, and flexibility, followed by a peaceful meditation and savasana. This class will be led by Shideh, who exudes nurturing energy!


Even in utero our babies are aware of the energies around us. They can feel when we are at peace, just as they can sense our tension. There have been many circumstances which I have witnessed, where fellow teachers and students have gone into a meditation and known exactly what was happening while they were in utero, only to have it later confirmed by their parents. Taking care of our bodies and souls not only supports our well-being, but that of our childs. Learning to connect to your body during pregnancy can be incredibly empowering during birth, for a more conscious and intuitive journey. Connecting to our child early also helps to build a deeper connection after they are birthed.


This Fall we have many exciting classes and events to celebrate the journey of motherhood, and two of us at the studio are pregnant & we can’t wait to celebrate with you! 



August New Moon Meditation

We are almost through the eclipses and major astrological shifts! How are you holding up? I hope this pranayama and meditation offers you a chance to surrender and connect more deeply to your intuition. These past few months have been rather intense, bringing lots to the surface for us to look at making life shifts for our happiness and alignment. During these times it can be emotional and challenging to face certain aspects, and to let go… but look how far you have come!


Yesterday, August 8th (8:8) was the Lion’s Gate or Lion’s Portal. This happens when the sun transits through Leo, a sign of courage, strength and stepping out. You may have noticed the energy was particularly intense over the past few days due to both the sun and Sirius, a star system twice as bright as our sun, rising and setting at the same time. This ‘spiritual sun’ creates more heat, energy, and helps to illuminate our intuitive wisdom – due to all this, it may also be a little tiring and may cause anxiety. Take it easy on yourself.


The combination of the Lion’s Portal with the upcoming New Moon on August 11th and partial Solar Eclipse, brings our focus to new beginnings, greater insights and awareness. Pay attention to your dreams. This is a good time to ground, centre, and take a really objective look at your life and determine your top priorities, and let go of what isn’t needed anymore in your life – distractions, energies that aren’t serving your highest good, etc. This is a time of courage, strength and intention. You have and have always had the power to do as you wish and at this time, astrology is also supporting this. Take your time, meditate, and be very clear in your intentions.


A few interesting astrological aspects:

  • Mercury conjuncts the Sun, suggesting slowing down to tap into our intuition and wisdom
  • Jupiter is square to the Sun, alluding to fortune but the need for moderation
  • Pluto is quincunx to the Sun, a turning point
  • Planets still in Retrograde
    • Mercury in Leo until Aug 19 – take your time communicating & making decisions
    • Mars in Aquarius until Aug 27 – move slowly
    • Saturn in Capricorn until Sept 6 – a time of positive karmic change if we stay aligned with our ethics
    • Chiron in Aries until Sept 24 – healing time & self-love
    • Pluto in Capricorn until Sept 29 – all about clearing the unnecessary for greater flow & ease
    • Neptune in Pisces until Nov 25 – stay grounded, realistic & objective


New Moon Meditation

If you can, try to have a swim in the ocean or river in the coming days – the water helps to cleanse, why I normally suggest a bath during cooler months. Bring your crystals into the water with you, and leave them exposed to the moonlight. Enjoy a moon-light walk.


This New Moon calls for grounding and connecting to our intuition and universal wisdom – really listening. How can we do this? Through pranayama (breathwork), meditation, centering and grounding ourselves, and listening to the subtle information around us. I would recommend working with grounding and intuitive crystals and oils, such as;

  • Crystals – black obsidian, smokey quartz, crystal quartz, malachite, amethyst, aquamarine, celestite
  • Oils – earthy scents (Cedarwood, Palo Santo, Copaiba), frankincense, lavender, Envision (by Young Living)


When you are ready and have energetically cleared your space with crystals, oils, mantra, smudging – which ever speaks to you – settle into some easy Cat/Cow breaths. Allow your breath to guide your movements taking variations that feel right in your body. Perhaps move into your own flow, allowing the breath and energy to move through your body.


When you are ready, settle into rock pose (kneeling). Closing your eyes, connecting to your breath, allow your belly then chest to fill on the inhale, your shoulders, chest and belly to relax on the exhale. This breath tells us we are in a relaxed state, helping us reach a deeper relaxed state. Bring your awareness to your Root Chakra to ground your energy with cords or roots reaching into the Earth. Coming into the Venus lock (prayer then allow all fingers to cross keeping the index pointing upwards – traditionally males will have right thumb over left, females left over right). Bring your hands over-head, and begin quietly chanting ‘Sat’ on the inhale bringing light through the Crown Chakra & Pituitary, exhaling ‘Nam’ allowing the light to travel out through the Pituitary. Continue for 11 minutes. This cleansing and connecting practice can be done daily – it’s a journey!


Stay in meditation as long as you need – see what comes up for you and in your dreams…

You are welcome to join us this evening, and every Thursday for Yin and Crystal Bowl at 8pm.


Love & light,