September Full Moon Yoga + Meditation

There’s a lot going on astrologically at the moment, so definitely a good time for a compassionate meditation. The Full Moon shines light on what may be out of balance, as the moon and sun oppose each other. I like to look at it as a glimpse to see where I can grow more by shedding beliefs, thoughts, and energies that really aren’t building me up. I feel this is a common theme for many at the moment. Take a moment perhaps to tune into, or note down what’s really truly important to your core, your mission, your soul.


Here’s a glimpse into the astrological impacts right now:

Full Moon in Aries – a fire sign of courage, passion, optimism, and at times impulsive & aggressive.

  • Moon conjuncts Chiron bringing light to our shadows in childhood
  • Moon squares Saturn creating a heavy, restraining sense as we face challenges, particularly in relationships
  • Mercury squares Saturn & opposes the Moon, causing confusion in thoughts & communication
  • Sun quincunx Uranus can make us a little nervous or edgy
  • Moon sextile Mars gives us the courage and passion to overcome the challenges of Saturn
  • Sat trine Uranus encourages positive solutions & the ability make very methodical transitions


  • Pluto is in Capricorn until Sept 29, helping us clear the unnecessary for greater flow & ease
  • Neptune is in Pisces until Nov 25, encouraging us to stay grounded, realistic & objective
  • Venus goes into retrograde Oct 5 but we have been in it’s shadow since Sept 2. Venus speaks to our ability to give and receive affection. Affection and belonging being one of our basic needs can sometimes lead to unhealthy ways to seek this fulfillment if it is not being met, such as overspending, having unbalanced patterns with love etc. However; we can also chanel this energy in beautiful ways, like being creative and enjoying our close friends and family. During this time we will also overlap into sensitive Scorpio making it a bit more intense – so be sure to spend lots of time on self love, even if that means taking time just for you.

What does this mean?

Our relationships are getting a close inspection right now. Clarify what it is that’s bothering you – dig deep in order to let it really go. Try not to blame or focus on the past, but do take a peek into your past or childhood to see if current concerns or patterns are stemming from this. By looking to the root, we can better resolve once and for all! We have the strength to overcome these challenges!


Full Moon Meditation

Find your favorite essential oils and uplifting crystals – for me it’s Copaiba & Harmony, along with Rose Quartz & Black Obsidian. Make yourself a luxurious bath with these ingredients and add some magnesium bath salts to help calm the nervous system.

Clear and bring compassion into your meditation space with intention, candles, and smudging if this is part of your practice. Take a few nice deep inhales into your belly, your chest and exhale audibly and completely through your mouth. Visualize letting go of all that is no longer serving you. If you work with angels or guides, this is a good time to ask for protection and guidance. If you would like to take some movement here, I would suggest working with the spine and heart opening:

  • Gentle neck rolls
  • Cat Cow really allowing your breath to guide you
  • Sufi grinds – sitting in easy pose, take circles with your hips drawing chest forward on the inhale, exhale rounding the spine (similar to Cat/Cow – this targets the lumbar spine, our Root & Sacral chakra – centres of security, attachment to the physical world, creativity, relationships & values)

Settle into a relaxed and balancing ‘Diamond’ breath – inhaling for 4, hold 4, exhale 4, hold out for 2-4. Continue with this breath for 10-30 minutes, allowing your meditation to take you where you need to go.

Trust the journey, trust yourself.

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