5 Tools to Help you Realize Your Dreams

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How was 2018 for you? I know it was challenging for many, and some of these challenges to help us truly align to our true potential may linger in early 2019, but it should be easier as we now we know clearly what we will and will not allow in our lives. Hopefully you have taken time over the holiday to nurture yourself, and are ready to take on the new year! Remember to continue nurturing yourself on a regular basis – perhaps a daily meditation practice and a few yoga classes or other activities for your soul. By looking after ourselves – mind, body & soul – we are in a better frame of mind, and able to make healthier choices everyday.  

So let’s get on to realizing our true potential by first looking at these two approaches:  

The Yogic Approach – 8 Limbs of Yoga 

These limbs are set out to help us stay focused and on a path towards enlightenment, or self-actualization. Click here to read more in depth about the 8 Limbs.

  1. Yamas – disciplines to observe to guide our interactions in the world
  2. Niyamas – personal practices for a healthy internal world
  3. Asana – the physical practice of yoga to move energy through the body to assist with a clear mind
  4. Pranayama – breath work to help clear the mind for meditation
  5. Pratyahara – sense withdrawal to assist with meditation & truly listening to our intuition
  6. Dharana – focused concentration
  7. Dhyana – meditative absorption, where true inspiration flows through us
  8. Samadhi – a continual state of bliss


Maslow’s Hierarchy & 10 Characteristics of Self Actualization

Maslow states our basic needs (physiological, safety & security, love & belonging, self-esteem & respect) must be met in order to come to the fifth stage to achieve our fullest potential. So how do we know if are achieving our fullest potential?

  1. Gratitude is part of your daily life
  2. Accepting all aspects of yourself
  3. Authenticity & ability to take responsibility for your actions & thoughts
  4. Grace to flow with life’s ups and downs
  5. Purposely fulfilling your life’s mission
  6. Truth seeking is part of your perception of reality
  7. Humanitarian desires stemming from pure altruism
  8. Experiences of Oneness
  9. Strong sense of moral intuition
  10. Creative spirit & child-like innocence and perception

Looking at either of these approaches, we are likely to have strengths in some aspects and weakness in others. Take a moment to intuitively look at where you are now. Where can you grow to fulfill your soul potential?

I think it’s important to recognize that fulfilling our soul potential is a journey rather than a destination. Some of us have a very clear calling for our mission, while for others it may take time to become apparent. It’s ok if you don’t know clearly – you are already likely living it and it will become more apparent over time as you continue to tap into you intuition. The approaches above help us connect more deeply to our intuition and live in greater joy…and isn’t that the point?

My mission was pretty clear to me at 18 – creating the studio as a space for all to connect in health and wellness. Such spaces weren’t exactly common back then, and it took 15 years to bring it to reality…and it continues to evolve. It was by no means an easy path, and there are still many challenges…but this is my passion and a very clear mission.

To help you connect to your mission, think about the following:

  • What are you most passionate about?
  • What gifts do you have to share with the world?
  • What gifts do you bring into your everyday life?
  • How can you share more of this?

For many of us, there are aspects blocking our true and full potential to share our gifts. Even if you think you do clearly know the path you are taking, this is a continual journey of growth with challenges to help you live your true potential. These little challenges, when handled in a healthy manner, help you to grow further to more fully express your gifts. This past year I have been working on a big challenge quite a bit, and will continue to. Often these challenges are rooted deep in your subconscious and from child-hood patterns.


Are any areas blocking you from achieving your full potential?

Some ways to know if you are blocked in certain aspects include;

  • Not feeling you are worthy of your dreams, or fear of what may happen if achieve them (fear of success)
  • Sudden depression, excessive worry, or uncontrollable anger
  • Fatigue and appetite changes
  • Resentment

Let’s clear any blocks using the tools below:


5 Tools to Help you Realize Your Dreams

  1. Take the time to understand the root of your block, fear or challenge. Where are these feelings, thoughts and patterns are stemming from?
  2. Learn to let-go – set realistic expectations of yourself & others. Practice the sometimes challenging art of surrendering, and trusting in a higher process. Perhaps you have felt blocked from one avenue only to realize by not following this path, you were actually spared.
  3. Be clear as to what you will and will not allow in your life. It’s ok to say no to unhealthy people and situations, in a kind but clear way. 
  4. Love yourself – look after your exercise, sleep, and nutrition. Participate in activities to nurture your soul, including being in nature and meditation as regularly as possible. This will help you connect more deeply to your intuition, which will help things flow with grace and ease. 
  5. Some other tools to help you tap into your intuition and create new neural pathways:
    • Cleanse by smudging, sound healing
    • Creating a mantra to reinforce positive change. This is extra powerful when combined with EFT
    • When meditating focus on your dream being reality (already being engaging your senses, not in the future)


By doing the above work, you will be able to more deeply connect with your true self, tap into your intuition and achieve your dreams – it’s a journey, not a destination. While some of your dreams will be achieved this year, even if not as planned, taking time to do this work will help you make progress on your soul mission. This may take life times, but progress is progress! And most importantly, it will help you live more in the moment and in true joy!


Happy New Year and best wishes for a healthy & happy 2019!


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December Full Moon Insight + Meditation

Full Moon Meditation

The theme of change keeps coming up in my meditations – waves of change. This change is about finding simplicity, pure joy, and clearing the extraneous. This meditation requires us to reflect deeply about where we are and wish to go, set clear boundaries, and nurture growth. Self-care is a big theme to prepare ourselves for the growth to come. Don’t be afraid to be assertive and clear – this can be done with compassion for yourself and others. By honouring yourself and being clear in boundaries, you allow the space for positive change to flow into your life.

December 21 is the Solstice, and transits from creative Gemeni to nurturing Cancer. This Full Moon is known as the ‘Cold Moon’ or ‘Long Nights Moon’ – all about self care, evaluation and conclusion, before January 5th’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse with a theme of new projects and growth. Some other aspects affecting the Full Moon:

  • Moon sextile Uranus shines on excitement
  • Moon conjunct Betelguese speaks to a strong & active mind that will strive for what it believes
  • Venus trine to Neptune evokes a softer, intuitive and nurturing environment – perfect to get cozy at home

Don’t out-do yourself this Christmas or holiday you are celebrating. Take the time to really nurture yourself – once your cup is full, you can continue to keep it full while caring for those you love.


Full Moon Meditation & Yoga

Rose, geranium and lavender are the scents that speak to this time of self-love. Perhaps treating yourself to a luxurious bath, bringing in amethyst, rose and clear quartz. I would suggest smudging and cleaning your meditation space.

Sitting in your space with your eyes closed, gently focusing on your breath with your eyes closed and feeling into the subtle sensations around you. Bring your awareness to your Root Chakra, beginning to ground your energy – you can do this by visualizing roots or a golden cord reaching into the Earth. With your inhales draw white light into your body, holding briefly as your body expands with this light, and exhale completely allowing the light to radiate out beyond you and fill the room. This practice is cleansing for you, your aura, and your space.  Continue with this practice as long as you wish.

When you are ready, with your eyes closed, begin with Sufi Grinds – sitting cross-legged, inhale reaching your chest forward, exhale rounding your spine to the back. Continue in circles to one side moving with your breath, then switching to the other side. Coming back to a neutral, tall spine, begin with spinal flexes, inhaling reaching your chest forward, exhale rounding your spine to the back. Take some gentle neck rolls – left to centre to right, moving with the breath. Coming back to the breath, inhale reaching your arms to the sky and exhale gently twist to the right, then repeat to the left. Inhaling tall spine back to centre and gently transitioning to Child’s pose. Rest here. You are welcome to continue to move as your body needs, through Cat/Cow, Down Dog, perhaps a few flows to move the energy.

Once you feel ready to come back to seated, close your eyes again and focus on the breath.

  • How has the breath changed in your body?
  • Taking a little scan from Root to Crown, how has your body changed?
  • How would you feel if you continued this practice every day, taking the time to nurture you?
  • What brings you the greatest joy and contentment?
  • If you feel you do not know clearly yourself, perhaps ask your Guides or Higher Self what it is you could clear from your life to allow more of that pure joy to flow in?


Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday, taking the time for you and to surround yourself with those you love. Take moments for yourself to continue breathing in this white light, coming into greater alignment with the true essence of you

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Love & light,