February Super Full Moon Yoga + Meditation

Meditation North Vancouver

Super-moon Meditation

This Snow Moon at 0* in Virgo is the biggest Super Moon of the year – the closest to the Earth – meaning it has a stronger effect on us. Virgo is associated with power, healing and manifesting. The number 0 symbolizes creativity and opportunity (why we use 0  in our studio name – 2 is for harmony and partnership). So what is this moon all about? Questioning our greater purpose in life and being open to opportunity! In order to do this, we need to release old habits and patterns to truly allow this potential to flow to us. Breathwork and EFT (emotional freedom technique) are two very effective ways to release old patterns to create new healthy neural pathways and habits.

Here’s a look at the planets and stars at play during this time:

  • Moon trine Uranus – shines a light on our courage to act, even if going against status quo
  • Saturn sextile Neptune – brings out our spiritual side
  • Regulus is one of 4 Royal Persian stars – guardian of the heart


Yoga & Meditation for the Full Moon

Before we get into this meditation, please take the time to clear your space, cleanse any crystals or other sacred objects you wish to bring in. Crystal quartz helps us cleanse and heal, while Carnelian is used for courage and action. I would recommend moving through any energy in your body, through a little flow listening to your own body’s needs – perhaps some sufi grinds to connect to your Root Chakra & ground your energy. When you are ready, take a moment to close your eyes and cleanse your mind with 10 deep inhales through the nose and exhales through the mouth. Let go of any tensions, any emotions, any thoughts. When you are ready, bring your awareness to your Heart Chakra,  and continue with a steady Ujjayi breath. Welcome Your Higher Self, Guides, or Angels to your meditation. Take a moment to allow them in and to deeply connect – you will know when you feel connected either through sensation or knowing.

If you have a specific question or thought, please ask and then continue to stay open and connected with your breath.

Some ideas to consider:

  • What pattern do you need to release?
  • What is holding you back from living your full purpose?
  • What is your true purpose?
  • Is there a lesson you need to learn?
  • How can you fulfill your soul mission with greater ease?

Sometimes information comes quickly, other times it will come later in the day or week. Pay attention to your dreams and any synchronicities you notice. When you are ready, make sure to thank Your Higher Self, Guides or Angels. Try to stay connected this week and take time to continue to check back in. All we need to do is centre ourselves and calm our minds, and we can access our intuition and higher powers. It’s such an amazing gift we all poses, but a gift that needs to be practiced. Give yourself the gift of taking the time to do this every morning – even if it’s just breathing for 5 minutes in silence.


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