March Full Moon Insight + Meditation

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This last Super Moon of the year falls in the first Decan of Libra at 0*, and also happens to fall on the Equinox –  a balance of the feminine and masculine, the start of Spring and a new lunar year… time to Spring clean ourselves! A Super Moon occurs when the moon is very close to Earth, which amplifies the energy. Thankfully, this is a harmonious Full Moon, especially if we are able to go with the flow while listening to our intuition. Libra is ruled by the air element and Venus, a sign of partnership and harmony. 0 is a symbol for creativity and linked to our potential. This is a perfect Full Moon to set our intentions very clearly for the new lunar year!


Here’s a look at the planets and stars at play during this time:

  • Moon quincunx Uranus – stay in the flow and take time examine the unconventional approach and truth
  • Mercury sextile Uranus – will help us stay clear headed if we can remain grounded in ourselves
  • Venus square Mars – can create tension in relationships (including ourselves)
  • Venus sextile Jupiter – calms the tension from the Mars square and indicates financial success
  • Mars trine Pluto – may make you want to avoid conflict
  • Fixed Star Markeb – represents a thirst for knowledge and explorations with success
  • Mercury is almost out of retrograde… so communication will become easier!

Quite a mix going on here in regards to relationships and our relationship with ourselves, however; the overall outlook is harmonious. So how can we achieve this harmony?

Some thoughts to consider in your meditation:

  • How can I come into greater alignment with myself and my soul purpose?
  • Am I being truthful with myself and my feelings? Am I in flow? Does my body, mind & soul feel at peace?
  • Am I being honest with others as to my feelings and needs? Is my internal dialogue in-line with my desires?
  • Are others being honest with me? Or do I need to broach a subject to bring more harmony?
  • Is there another way I can look at my approach to this situation or my desires?

Try to feel this in your body more than connecting with your mind. To do this, we need to let our mind go and connect to our intuition. To do this, try the meditation below.


Yoga & Meditation for the Full Moon

Before we get into this meditation, please take the time to clear your space, cleanse any crystals or other sacred objects you wish to bring in. Crystal quartz helps us cleanse and heal, while Rose Quartz is connected to the Heart chakra and partnership. Aventurine is one of my favorite stones and also connected to the heart, expression, and entrepreneurship. For oils, I would recommend Lavender (Mother-Healer), Frankincense (Father-Healer & de-calcifies the pineal gland or Third Eye), and Rose (Heart Chakra).*

After clearing your space, take moment to sit with your eyes closed and connect with your breath, allowing it to fill your body and exhales through the mouth, letting any tensions flow out of you. Begin your Ujjayi or a steady flowing breath through your nose. Connect with your Root Chakra, grounding your energy & continuing to allow the breath to flow, becoming longer and more relaxed. I would recommend moving through any energy in your body – going for a moon lit walk or a gentle yogi  flow, connecting the breath to movement. Close your eyes and move as your body desires.

When you are ready, return to seated, connecting again to the breath and the Root Chakra to ground your energy. Notice how your breath has changed. Notice how you feel in your body. If you like, welcome Your Higher Self, Guides, or Angels to your meditation. Take a moment to allow them in and to deeply connect – you will sense when you feel connected either through sensation (I feel quite warm) or an intuitive knowing.

Bring your awareness to your Heart Chakra. How balanced does your front and back Heart Chakra feel? The front is the energy you give, while the back is energy you receive, including the love you return to yourself.

Bring your awareness to your Third Eye, connecting you to your intuition. Remain here as you breathe, allowing the thoughts to flow without judgement. This is when you can ask any questions you have, or perhaps one of the ones i mentioned earlier.

Sometimes information comes quickly, other times it will come later in the day or week. Pay attention to your dreams and any synchronicities you notice. When you are ready, make sure to thank Your Higher Self, Guides or Angels. Try to stay connected this week and take time to continue to check back in. All we need to do is centre ourselves and quiet our minds, and we can access our intuition and higher powers. It’s such an amazing gift we all poses, but a gift that needs to be practiced. Give yourself the gift of taking the time to do this every morning – even if it’s just breathing for 5 minutes in silence.


More Meditation & Yoga

Join us for weekly yoga and meditation sessions or Workshops at the studio to keep up your self-care practice and learn to connect more deeply.

Yin & Crystal Bowl (Sound Healing) with White Light meditations begin again on Thursdays in April!

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