April Full Moon Insight + Meditation

This Full Moon is in the third (last) Decan of Libra, closing the opening from the March Full Moon in the first Decan of Libra. This period has been all about making changes to better align our relationships. In March we looked inward and we are now full circle looking at our relationships with others. This has been a major period of spring-cleaning to bring us into greater balance for future growth. With this better understanding of ourselves and ability to love and honour ourselves  we come into our power, and are able to see what relationships are and are not supporting us and where we are headed. We give gratitude to all relationships, the lessons we have been taught, and the strength we have found in their challenges and comfort. Know that it is healthy to walk away from those not supporting us with love, and take the time to express your gratitude and love to those who are healthy and supportive. Libra is all about balancing – Mars and Venus – our male and female aspects. Libra is a leader and a diplomat – channel your inner power, strengthening your Solar Plexus and corresponding Throat Chakra.


Yoga + Meditation for the Full Moon

Before we begin, please take the time to clear your space, cleanse any crystals or other sacred objects you wish to bring in. Crystal quartz helps us cleanse and heal, while Rose Quartz is connected to the Heart chakra and relationships. As we are working with the Solar Plexus and corresponding Throat Chakra, I would also recommend bringing in Citrine (manifesting) and Turquoise (communication), Kyanite (balance),  Lapis Lazuli (truth & awareness), or Aquamarine (courage). While I always love Lavender (Mother-Healer), Frankincense (Father-Healer & de-calcifies the pineal gland or Third Eye), and Rose (Heart Chakra), Cedarwood, Cypress, Geranium or Peppermint help open the Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras.*


After clearing your space, take moment to sit with your eyes closed and connect with your breath, allowing it to fill your body and exhales through the mouth, letting any tensions flow out of you. Connect with your Root Chakra, grounding your energy & continuing to allow the breath to flow, becoming longer and more relaxed. To connect with the Solar Plexus, our power centre, I would recommend Breath of Fire. If you feel your Throat Chakra needs clearing, I would suggest Ujjayi Breath. Once you are ready, come back to rest with an easy breath and move the energy in your body through a gentle flow or cat/cows to release energy stored in the nervous system in your spine.


When you are ready, return to seated, connecting again to the breath and the Root Chakra to ground your energy. Notice how your breath has changed. Notice how you feel in your body. If you like, welcome Your Higher Self, Guides, or Angels to your meditation. Take a moment to allow them in and to deeply connect – you will sense when you feel connected either through sensation (I feel quite warm) or an intuitive knowing. You can ask about a specific situation or in general:

  • Bring your awareness to your Solar Plexus. Are you honouring yourself? Are you standing in your power? What energy are you channelling and sharing with others?
  • Bring your awareness to your Throat Chakra. What truth do you need to speak, with confidence and compassion?
  • Bring your awareness to your Heart Chakra. How do you feel?


Sometimes information comes quickly, other times it will come later in the day or week. Pay attention to your dreams and any synchronicities you notice. When you are ready, make sure to thank Your Higher Self, Guides, or Angels. Try to stay connected this week and take time to continue to check back in. All we need to do is centre ourselves and quiet our minds, and we can access our intuition and higher powers.


Join us for a Full Moon Meditation + Yin Class with Sound Healing!

Join us this Thursday for Yin + Crystal Bowl with a very special guest, Jeshua, before he moves home. You may have been lucky enough to experience Jeshua’s sound healing guitar around North Van, and the most beautiful rendition of Metallica you will ever hear! His guitar is tuned to 432Hz for pure tones, which you can feel in every cell of your body as you melt into relaxation. Join us for the Full Moon and this by-donation evening of healing This class is by-donation ($20 suggested – if you already have a pass, one of your classes will count towards this donation).

** For more information on pure essential oils, please email Katie@yoganorthvancouver.com or visit the bottom of our homepage, where you can order your own oils at wholesale cost whenever you like.