Reprogram your Brain

When we allow our bodies to go into a Theta state, we allow for profound healing on a subconscious level and have the ability to reprogram our brain. During meditation and Craniosacral Therapy and Somatoemotional Release sessions, our body is able to go into Theta. It is this state where our conscious mind begins to fade into the background and the subconscious is easily accessed. Theta is an incredibly powerful state, as we are able to connect to our intuition, creative potential and our ability to heal ourselves.

Our Subconscious Programming
Naturally throughout our day, we come into Theta twice – once when we are between sleep and waking, and again as we are drifting off to sleep. During this time, our subconscious mind is active. Why is this important? Because our subconscious mind holds all our programming that influences our vritties (or thought energies), which influence our self-talk, our actions, our beliefs and our destiny. These beliefs became integrated into our subconscious before the age of 7, and we live them out daily. This programming is POWERFUL! Did you know that of your 60,000 daily thoughts, 90% of your thoughts are repetitive? And did you know for the majority, that 90% of these thoughts are negative? (Dr. Fred, Stanford University).
As babies and children, when we experience disharmonious or traumatic events, we weren’t able to fully understand or articulate these – including birth. So what happens with these memories? They become stored in our subconscious mind – often ‘forgotten’ until triggered, and buried in our cellular memory in our physical body. This is a particularly interesting aspect of epigenetics – as trauma becomes stored in our cells, which changes our DNA and our physiology… and is passed down through generations! The aim of storing this information is to help protect us should future similar situations occur and to protect our future generations. However; it isn’t always helpful. Often we end up re-living these experiences until they are released. They are buried so deeply, that we repeat them over and over and they become our truth… unless we take the time to become aware and conscious of them. 

Meditation + Craniosacral Therapy to Reprogram your Brain
This is where the power of coming into our theta state through Craniosacral and Somatoemotional Release, meditation, somatic healing, and hypnosis comes in. Through working with an intuitive practitioner who is able to help you bring your body into this Theta state with ease, your body’s own healing powers take over. The practitioner merely becomes a guide to your experience, helping to create a safe space for your body to do its own work. In Craniosacral therapy, we use a light touch to physically sense subtle movement in the bones, fascia, and energetically. The light touch signals to your body it is safe to release physically, emotionally and spiritually. An intuitive practitioner can guide you through somatic work while practicing Craniosacral, by both feeling into the area of the body where this sensation is held, and or speaking about it while you are in a subconscious state to help release it. This can be profound! Often we see the release of patterns, which may be decades or generations old! This in turn positively affects your daily life through your habits, your thoughts and beliefs.  

Supporting Your Own Healing
Your body and subconscious are powerful! So how can you help yourself reprogram your subconscious? You can also practice this on your own, by listening to a hypnosis such as this before bed and/or when you wake. Or by practicing daily meditation, reinforcing your new programming consciously through mantra, affirmations, ensuring spaces you are in are healing, and nourishing your mind, body, and soul – sleep, food, movement, reading positive works, art. Listening to what feels right in your body and soul, and honouring that. For many of us, this means limiting screen-time, especially for children. 

Experience Yin + Craniosacral Healing
I invite you to my weekly Yin + Crystal Bowl classes, to taste of the depth of healing you can create within your mind, body and soul. For deeper work, I would be happy to assist you through Craniosacral and Somatoemotional Healing, where your body naturally goes into a state of Theta or hypnosis. I serve as your guide, providing a safe space for your body to heal itself. Craniosacral healing is safe for all ages, including infants and children. Babies may lay on their mothers while receiving healing – this can be very helpful for both mother and child, especially if the birth was traumatic. By helping to heal physically, emotionally and energetically as early as possible, we help set up the nervous system for health and encourage healthy patterns.