Our Prenatal Yoga Class
In this class we help prepare the mind, body & soul for the pregnancy journey, birth & beyond. We draw upon Yin Yoga, Hatha & Khalsa Way Prenatal Kundalini* exercises to build fortitude and endurance for the mind and body, incorporating breath work, providing tools to help balance the nervous system, and deep relaxation with the crystal bowl. Not only will this class leave you feeling blissful, but you will also have tools to help yourself on a daily basis and for the birthing process.  Kundalini offers a powerful way to connect to the self, your little one, and to find inner peace and strength. The last 15 minutes are open for tea and chat & questions.
This class is open to all levels, including those who have never participated in yoga. This is a beautiful combination, and having just had a little one myself, it was exactly what I needed.
*Please visit this link for more information on The Khalsa Way and Gurmukh, who was the first to make yoga accessible to the mama-to-be.
Mondays 6-715pm with Katie
Benefits of Prenatal Yoga
Pregnancy is a common time for many moms to turn to yoga, so if this is your introduction, you are not alone. Prenatal Yoga needs to be instructed by a qualified Yoga and Prenatal Yoga instructor. As you may recognize as a mama-to-be, we become more sensitive and protective of our space for good reason. It is important to move slowly, breathe deeply, and truly listen to what your body and your baby needs. A qualified Prenatal Yoga instructor will understand the needs of the pregnant woman, and be able to offer you adaptations to help you practice safely and feel more comfortable, at any stage of your pregnancy. Yoga is about connecting to the self, and what a perfect time to come into a deeper connection with yourself and the precious soul you are bringing into this world. Even in the womb, babies are hearing and absorbing the energies around them.
  • Relaxes and open the hips
  • Techniques to help support the process of labour, including meditation, poses, and breathwork
  • Strengthens the body to help support a healthy pregnancy & labour
  • Poses to help move the baby into an optimal birthing position
  • Improves circulation for the mother and baby
  • Exercises to help minimize restless leg, sciatica, swollen ankles and other common pregnancy concerns
  • Tools to help minimize nausea and anxiety, improve sleep and increase energy
  • Connecting to our intuition as mothers, helping us to stay grounded, peaceful + joyful to nourish the soul within
  • Community and knowledge to help empower us as mothers and whole women
Yoga for Pre-Conception
We live in a busy world with many demands on us. For many, it takes time and re-aligning our lives in order to conceive, which can bring about many emotions. Again, you are not alone. Taking time for  yourself during this time helps to prepare the mind, body and soul for the journey of motherhood. We encourage those on this path to also join this class or one of our other gentle classes. You are welcome to email Katie for more resources and support.
Prenatal, Preconception + Motherhood Resources and Support
Studio 202 was created to support the community, especially that of families and mothers. We host many workshops on such topics, and are able to connect you with other practitioners who may be able to support you on this journey. We also have a wonderful library, where you can borrow books on such topics. Please email Katie if you have any questions.