Kids Yoga in Schools

Kids Yoga + Meditation is an important aspect of our offerings. This passion came from Katie, the Owners, appreciation for learning meditation and breathwork as a child. Since we began in 2016, our all ages community has been offering Children’s Yoga in Schools on the North Shore, and we are honoured to be able to support our community in this way. By supporting children and their community with simple tools, we offer them life-skills, to help them live happier, healthier lives and be inspiring leaders of the next generation!

We are seeing more and more youth and adults struggling with anxiety, due to living in a world of over-stimulation and being constantly on the go. By offering simple tools such as breath, movement, and mindfulness, we find greater balance,  peace + joy. We discuss important topics, relevant to the age group, to help them discover their own potential and strengths.

Our greatest joy is when students bring these tools into their everyday lives and share with their families and friends. We know it takes a village to raise a child, and strive to ensure the entire support system of the child is on-board, also understanding the tools we offer.

Benefits of Yoga for Kids:
  • Greater self-awareness and ability to communicate feelings, needs and wishes
  • Learning about emotions and tools to manage themImproved sleep and focus
  • Less anxiety and greater self-confidence
  • Promote healthy body-image and relationship with self
  • Learning healthy coping skills for resiliency and handling challenging situations
  • Appreciation of their gifts and value to the community
  • Understanding of empathy, healthy relationships and boundaries 
  • Development of collaborative and leadership skills

Children are naturally drawn to the simple practices of yoga and mindfulness, and these tools become foundations for healthy coping skills for the rest of their lives. Watching children bring these practices into their daily lives and share it with their families brings us such joy!

Our Offerings for North and West Vancouver

Kids Yoga In Schools:

We offer programs In and After-School for Kindergarten and Grades 1-5.

We generally find children in Grades 6+7 would prefer to join our Tween Yoga Series at the Studio.

Yoga for Teachers + Staff:

We are happy to offer teachers and staff a 10% discount on our yoga class passes, or lunch-time or after-school yoga. Please email for more information.

Contact Us to Book Yoga in Schools: 

If your community is interested in hosting Children’s Yoga in School, please email

You can also find me here.

“A community minded wellness center. Good for the whole family.”         ~ Katja

“I like when we do ‘Savasana Castles’… I feel calm and happy! Alana is a really good teacher. I like that she is so calm.”      ~ 8 yr old student