Yoga + Wellness for Kids

We are passionate about our yoga and wellness programs for kids. Our youth are our future. By providing them with life-skills, we can help them live happier, healthier lives and be leaders of the next generation. We offer many programs below, and host EMPOWER Spring Break and Summer Sessions! Learn more about EMPOWER mindful movement by selecting the button above.

Yoga + Wellness Programs for Kids:


EMPOWER was founded by Alana Frogley and Katie Keating to help support youth and our communities in finding simple, accessible, healthy ways to bring greater peace, balance + joy to our lives.

We are seeing more and more youth and adults struggling with anxiety, due to living in a world of over-stimulation & constantly on the go.

By offering simple tools we can all use to balance our minds, bodies and souls, we find greater peace + joy. We do this by exploring the science behind how our bodies and emotions work, habits of mind and meta-cognitive awareness, so we can better understand ourselves, others, and manage challenging situations in healthy ways. We work with our breath and yoga to help find greater peace, improve focus, get better rest, gain greater self-awareness, and experience more joy every day!

We focus on five key areas:
  • CONNECTION – mind + body
  • AWARENESS– of the self + relationships
  • CREATIVITY – problem solving + flexible thinking
  • RESILIENCE – tools to embrace challenges
  • COMMUNITY – collaboration skills, diversity + inclusion

Children are naturally drawn to the simple practices of yoga and mindfulness, and these tools become foundations for healthy coping skills for the rest of their lives. Watching children bring these practices into their daily lives and share it with their families brings us such joy!

“Having learned mindfulness and breath-work as a child, I can attest to how much this has helped shape my life, and offered me a place of solace where ever I go. One of the greatest gifts my Mother gave me.”

~ Katie

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Celebrate Your Birthday with EMPOWER!

We customize the yoga, mindfulness + craft based on your interest or theme. Ages 5-13yrs. What’s included?

  • 3hrs of Studio Space for EMPOWER session, cake + socializing
  • 1.5h of that time is a yoga + mindfulness session with EMPOWER
  • Make a craft of your choice (please email for details)
  • We do the set-up and clean-up! You are welcome to bring decorations
  • Up to 10 children ($25/each additional child) for $350+gst

To arrange your party, please email


“A community minded wellness center. Good for the whole family.”         ~ Katja

“I like when we do ‘Savasana Castles’… I feel calm and happy! Alana is a really good teacher. I like that she is so calm.”      ~ 8 yr old student