Our Yoga + Healing Team

Yoga Teachers and Healing Practitioners at Studio 202 are here to support and inspire you on your wellness journey! Our goal is to empower you with simple tools you can take off the mat, to find greater peace and joy everyday. We offer many styles of yoga, including; Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin, Restorative, Prenatal, Mom and Baby Yoga and more! Our classes incorporate breathwork or pranayama, meditation, and sound healing.

By finding the type of yoga that speaks to you, you can benefit from improved holistic health – mind, body, and soul. We work with practitioners from near and far, who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences, in order to support you. Please click on the respective link to see our Offerings, including; Weekly Classes, Workshops, Private Sessions, Youth Programs, and Healing Sessions.