Craniosacral Healing for Adults + Kids

Katie offers Cransiosacral Healing for adults, children and babies.

Craniosacral therapy uses light touch to address the body holistically, balance the nervous system and allow tissues of the body to release. The body holds physical, emotional + spiritual memories that we are often not conscious of. By tuning into these through the body, we allow for profound release and re-alignment within the mind, body and soul. Your body will decide where and how much you wish to release. As a practitioner, we merely serve as a guide to assist this process with our intuitive awareness.

Craniosacral therapy can help with the following concerns:

  • Infant sleep, colic + ear infections
  • Emotional balancing, including anxiety + depression
  • Healing trauma from injuries + birth
  • Releasing acute + chronic concerns, including; migraines, brain injury, whiplash, TMJ, immune disorders, chronic fatigue, PTSD, digestive + sleep concerns and much more

Katie uses pure essential oils based on your needs and sound healing techniques to aid in bringing the mind, body + soul to a deeper state of peace and balance.

Sessions may be covered by your extended medical. To book an appointment, please email

Energy Healing North Vancouver


  • Baby (0-1y): 3 x 10m sessions                       $75
  • Baby+Mom: 3 baby + 60m for Mom            $160
  • Child (1-10y): 3 x 20-30m sessions              $125
  • Child (1-10y): single session                          $50
  • Adult (10y+): 3 x 60m sessions                     $250
  • Adult (10y+): single 60m session                  $100