Kundalini + Gong Bath

Join Donna to repair and strengthen the nervous system:
In this class, you will experience a series of moving meditations (gentle exercises/ stretches) accompanied by the healing sound frequency of the gong.
An extended savasana (gong bath) will follow, to deeply rejuvenate the body and mind. Relax and restore … and let your true light shine!

Sundays 930-11am with Donna

Yin Yoga + Crystal Bowl

Yin allows you to reset the muscles, fascia + soul, by holding gentle poses and focusing on the breath. This class is perfect for athletes or those with asthmas & chronic pain. The crystal bowl also aids in balancing the body to help you sink into a deeper meditative state. Perfect class to settle into weekend mode…or deep sleep.

Thursdays 730-830pm with Katie + Andrew

Yin/Yang Yoga

Join Kevin + Kinta for a Yin/Yang session to calm the mind, body and soul. This class combines hatha, yin and pranayama to move energies through the body, and help you deeply connect you with your breath.


Meditation + Discussion

Amplify Your Vibe ~ explore ways to increase your energy and maintain a more positive focus on life. We work to increase group member’s peace of mind, physical energy, capacity for love, optimism, and abundance in all its forms.
We participate in a 30 minute guided meditation by Alexis Nicole followed by a reading from a daily reflection and conversation relating to the reading for those who wish. This class is for all levels. Beginners are encouraged and welcomed.

A Healing Journey

Relax and unwind at the end of your day, with Donna.
The class will begin with some light exercises and stretching, to release the stress we hold in our bodies and to promote the restorative flow of prana. You will then be guided in the art of visualization and intention-setting so that your healing journey will be effective and long-lasting. Finally, you will be gently nurtured by the sound vibrations of a symphonic gong.  This powerful instrument will allow you to deeply relax and heal your Whole Self — Body, Mind and Soul.